What is DGDL?

DGDL stands for DLSU Game Development Lab, is a lab created by DLSU-Manila College of Computer Studies to support the growing demand of the Game Development Industry through training and research. The lab is composed of faculty members and students that work together to increase awareness and develop talent for the growing Game Industry.

Our mission is to promote the local game industry through capacity building, provide training facilities to build & promote games, and develop innovative designs and technologies through research and development. We innovate the way we play games by developing innovative and pervasive game designs that maximizes technology.

The lab is currently at its early stages and is now supported by 3 full-time faculty members with Junior and Sophomore Student Researchers. We are currently looking for partnerships and training for both local and foreign companies.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at sees@dlsu.edu.ph or solomon.see@gmail.com.

Latest News

Photo 2 03.02.2009

DGDL Forums now up!

Photo 1 12.22.2008

Screencasts of sample games developed using XNA found in the Projects Page.

Photo 2 12.22.2008

DLSU's AI Team now has a website click here to visit their site.

Photo 1 12.02.2008

Game Development Talks by GDAP members for this year's BPO Summit.